F10 Ultra Fine 32″X32″ Full Skirt Saddle Pad

This full skirt pad is best suited for large ranch saddles and ropers. Features include 100% ultra fine Merino Rambouillet wool to provide ultimate wicking, tensile strength and compression control. By using the highest quality wool available we are able to achieve a F10 rated felt that is unmatched by any pad on the market to date. The highest quality wool combined with Brand Felt Unity ™ Pad technology ensures the best comfort and durability available in a saddle pad. You and your horse will feel the difference in our felt.

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Sourced from Merino Rambouillet sheep raised on the Wilson ranch in Canada. The sheep are raised with the strictest genetic and feed controls to produce super fine micron count fiber for “ultimate” wicking, tensile strength and compression control.

After each sheep is shorn, the wool fleece is hand-picked to remove any foreign matter. Numerous samples are tested to ensure it meets felting requirements – based on International Wool Standards. The wool then proceeds to a rigorous scouring and combing process to prepare for felting.


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1 review for F10 Ultra Fine 32″X32″ Full Skirt Saddle Pad

  1. Stetson Roberts

    You can feel the pad with your hands and tell it’s of highest quality! I already have 2 pads and they wick moisture (sweat) away better then any other pad I’ve ever used… and nothing beats the contoured one piece pad 👌👌👌

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