F10 Ultra Pad Liner

F10 Ultra Pad  Liner is your go-to pad support that helps protect and keep your F10 Ultra Unity Pad clean. Spring shedding, winter riding, or heavy all-season use creates excessive hair and dirt build-up on any saddle pad. This can create sorting and reduce the wool pad’s ability to wick and absorb moisture. F10 Ultra Pad Liners are fabricated with the same virgin wool quality as the F10 Ultra Pad. Wool to wool felt and 1/4″ thickness allows a natural shaping of the liner- making for a perfect bond. Liners are purposely made over-sized to allow for custom liner adjustments by scissor cutting to your desired top pad size. Liners can easily be cleaned with warm water, mild wool-based detergent and then rinse and dry for longer use.



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